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Mu-Xuan Lin (composer, soprano vocalist, piano and music theory instructor)
To inquire about commissioning, purchasing scores, lectures and residencies, or private lessons, please contact Mu-Xuan via email :

LINKS (some of my friends) :
Peter Fahey (composer)
Anne LeBaron (composer)
Adam Roberts (composer)
Dominique Schafer (composer)
Davor B. Vincze (composer)

Secession Orchestra
Das Ensemble Proton Bern
Stadler Quartet
Transient Canvas (Amy Advocat, clarinets; Matthew Sharrock, percussion)
Vicki Ray (pianist)
Ashleigh Gordon (violist)
Kathrlyn Schulmeister (bassist)

Piano Spheres Concert Series, Los Angeles
Novalis Music+Art Festival, Croatia
180º Festival, Bulgaria

Claudia Joskowicz (video artist)
Elise Partridge (poet)
Huai-Ti Lin (bio-robotic/engineer scientist)
Yang Mei-Feng (author)
Urbanity Dance (modern dance)
Flotsam Tide (assemblage jewelry)

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