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On …à… (2019) for piccolo, electronics, video, and scent and Chantal Akerman’s “No Home Movie”

…à… (2019), a 35-min work for solo piccolo, fixed-media electronics (field recordings), video, and scent, is my first collaboration with Paris-based Taiwanese flutist Shao-Wei Chou and was created, poîetically speaking, for both her and myself.  It was premiered in April, … Continue reading

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Listening to the Unheard / Writing Double Jeopardy, and the Premiere by Ensemble Proton Bern

I flipped from side to side on the single bed dressed in cold bed linens stiff from laundering. Coated in the Alpine mists, Bern felt chillier than Paris. Where I stayed was up high in the mountain area, a place … Continue reading

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Melancholia (2011-12) and La passion d’une belle journée selon une toillette autonettoyante (2012) videos, and aer- (2011) and Phantom Museum (2011) released by ein_klang record

  Please check out the videos and audio recordings of some of my recent compositions. Melancholia (2011-12) for percussion quartet was premiered by Talujon Percussion Group conducted by Dominic Donato as part of their residency performance at the Brandeis University … Continue reading

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Melancholia, or A History of Composing A Percussion Quartet

There are two kinds of music: one that turns over its fat, pulpy belly and swallows you up like a mouthless wound, later brews you to death with its copious amount of shameful insides; and one that pulls an Amadeus … Continue reading

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posting aer- (2011) and Phantom Museum (2011)

23 December 2011 Yesterday I had finally posted the recordings for the two petite pièces (pretentiously using French because I could not think of any other term except for “Xião Pïng” in Chinese appropriate for this type of works) I … Continue reading

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