Born and raised in Taiwan and residing in the USA, composer Mu-Xuan Lin (林慕萱) defines her life as a quest for an artistic autonomy poetically engendered by both its will and its vulnerability to one’s corporeal experience and to the world one lives in. Having had extensive training in the visual arts and creative writing and frequent exposure to theatre, dance, and literature from an early age, Mu-Xuan is interested in the intrinsic kineses latent within any expressive matter which can be extracted, dissected, critiqued, and recreated in new artistic deliverances. She aims to synthesize the dialectic and the immersive in music which were too often at antithetical ends according to the modern discourse of music composition and aesthetics.

Described by the Los Angeles Times as “fascinating,” her music has been heard worldwide as well as on the radio stations SRF2 kultur (Switzerland) and WQXR (New York), and on an ein_klang record. She is a guest-composer at the Novalis music+art Festival (Croatia), the winner of the Protonwerk No.3 award (Switzerland) and Ensemble Adapter’s commission project “Adoptions 2017” (Germany), an artist-in-residence at the Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris (France), an awardee of New Music USA, Max Kade, Mellon, Center for German and European Studies (DAAD program), FACE Croatia, Gardner Read, and ASCAP grants, a selected active fellow at the Summer Academy at Schloss Solitude (Germany), Darmstadt Summer Course (Germany), EXPERIMENTALSTUDIO’s Matrix15 (Germany), June in Buffalo (USA), Acanthes de Metz (France), Sävellyspaja (Finland), Ticino Musica (Switzerland), and Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, an Associate Artist at the Atlantic Center for the Arts working with Master Artist Georg Friedrich Haas, a representative for KoFoMi (KomponistInnenforum Mittersill) and the residency in Salzburg (Austria), a featured composer at the Donaueschinger Musiktage – Next Generation konzert 2016 (Germany), Innovation Series 2017 (新點子樂展) – 30thAnniversary Edition of Taipei National Theater & Concert Hall (Taiwan), the Piano Spheres Concert Series (Los Angeles), Hear Now Festival 2017 (Los Angeles), New Gallery Concert Series (Boston), and the 180º Festival (Bulgaria), and honorable mention/finalist of various competitions including the 2016 neuverBand International Commission Competition (honorable mention) and the 2015 Darmstadt Music Theatre Competition (semi-finalist).

She is working with duo A&K (USA), flutist Shao-Wei Chou (France), and percussionist Colin Frank (UK/CA) among others, and has worked with Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart (Germany), Ensemble Adapter (Germany), Ensemble SurPlus (Germany), Ensemble Proton Bern (Switzerland), Secession Orchestra (France), Avanti! Chamber Orchestra (Finland), Norrbotten NEO (Sweden), members of the Lapland Chamber Orchestra (Lapin Kamariorkesteri, Finland), Talujon Percussion Group, Radnofsky Quartet, Lydian Quartet, Dinosaur Annex, Transient Canvas, Urbanity Dance Project, percussionist Aiyun Huang, soprano Tony Arnold, and pianist Vicki Ray among many others.

Mu-Xuan received her bachelor of music in Composition from the New England Conservatory, and MFA and Ph.D. in Music Composition and Theory from Brandeis University. Her primary instructors in composition include David Rakowski, Melinda Wagner, Yu-Hui Chang (張玉慧), Eric Chasalow, Michael Gandolfi, Larry Bell, and Ya-Ming Hsu (許雅民). She has also received instruction from Mark Andre, Oscar Bianchi, Chaya Czernowin, Francesco Filidei, Joshua Fineberg, Beat Furrer, Bernhard Gander, Georg Friedrich Haas, Stephen Hartke, Philippe Hurel, Louis Karchin, Fabien Lévy, Claus-Steffen Mahnkopf, Samir Odeh-Tamimi, Hilda Paredes, Hèctor Parra, Rebecca Saunders, Dominique Schafer, Johannes Schöllhorn, Oscar Strasnoy, Hans Thomalla, and Jukka Tiensuu.

As a researcher, Mu-Xuan’s Ph.D. dissertation “On the Epistemological and the Methodological Approaches in the Analysis of Contemporary Music and a Synthesized Analysis of Fausto Romitelli’s La Sabbia del Tempo (1991) illuminates her interest in the epistemological aspects of artistic and musical creativity. She is currently working on an article – “Representation, Body Politics, Embodiment : New Discipline and the Rhetoric of Gender Studies” (working title), publication of which is forthcoming.

As a music educator, Mu-Xuan has previously taught at Brandeis University and California State University Long Beach.  Currently Mu-Xuan holds a lecturer position at the Hall-Musco Conservatory of Music at Chapman University.

(Update : December 2018)


旅居美國的年輕台灣作曲家林慕萱(Mu-Xuan Lin),她始終追求藝術獨立自主體,這個自主體藉著本身的意志和脆弱性,與創作者的實際經驗以及其所生活的環境相互作用影響。慕萱自幼接受紮實的繪畫訓練,和長期的文學陶冶,並經常接觸戲曲和舞蹈,同時,對於各種現象所潛藏的運動模式極感興趣,認為這些運動模式可以被萃取、分解、批判、並且重新創造於新的藝術表達。她希望融合辯證與沈浸這兩種進路於音樂之中,而這兩者在現代作曲和美學的論述上經常處於兩個極端。

洛杉磯時報(Los Angeles Times)稱之為「令人著迷!」、瑞士國家電台(SRF2 kultur)描述為「浸透感官的聲音」,慕萱的音樂在世界各地廣受注目,並曾在 WQXR(紐約)、KPFK(洛杉磯)、SRF2 kultur(瑞士)電台被播放。她曾受聘為克洛埃希亞 Novalis music+art Festival 客席作曲家,並榮獲瑞士 Ensemble Proton 的 “Protonwerk” 及德國 Ensemble Adapter 的 “Adoptions”委託獎。她曾進駐法國巴黎的國際藝術村(Cité Internationale des Arts)、美國維及尼亞藝術中心(VCCA)、奧地利薩爾滋堡交換藝術家計劃及 KoFoMi(以美國代表身分)、美國亞特蘭大藝術中心(ACA,被著名作曲家哈斯 Georg Friedrich Haas 親手挑選),且獲取 New Music USA、Max Kade、Mellon、Center for German and European Studies (DAAD program)、FACE Croatia、Gardner Read 與 ASCAP 之獎助及獎學金。突破多項競賽式嚴選,她曾獲選參與各項重要的國際大師班及音樂節,其中包含德國Darmstadt Summer Course、德國International Summer Academy at Schloss Solitude、德國EXPERIMENTALSTUDIO’s Matrix15、美國June in Buffalo、芬蘭Sävellyspaja、及法國Acanthes de Metz。慕萱受各地樂團及音樂會系列委託,她的作品也成為多項徵曲比賽的得主,其演出場合包含台灣國家兩廳院主辦2017新點子樂展新音了劇「遶境共聲」委託演出、德國Donaueschinger Musiktage “樂壇新秀”音樂會、洛杉磯Piano Spheres和Hear Now Festival、波士頓New Gallery Concert Series及保加利亞180º Festival。此外,慕萱是瑞士neuverBand 國際委託賽的榮譽提名,並且入圍2015 Darmstadt 新音樂劇大賽準決賽。

慕萱目前的音樂合作夥伴包括德國的Ensemble Adapter、Ensemble SurPlus、Zafraan Ensemble、加拿大打擊樂手Colin Frank、與台灣木笛手林靖偉。她曾與瑞士Ensemble Proton Bern、法國Secession Orchestra、芬蘭Avanti!室內交響樂團、瑞典Norrbotten NEO、芬蘭拉普蘭室內交響樂團(Lapin Kamariorkesteri)獨奏家、及美國的Talujon Percussion、Radnofsky Quartet、Lydian Quartet、Transient Canvas、Urbanity舞團、女高音Tony Arnold和鋼琴家Vicki Ray等等音樂家及團體合作。

慕萱在新英格蘭音樂學院取得作曲學士學位,接著在布蘭戴斯大學(Brandeis University)獲得音樂作曲與理論的碩士(MFA)和博士(Ph.D)學位。身為音樂的研究者,慕萱的博士論文「當代音樂分析的認識論與方法論層面的進路以及Fausto Romitelli“時光之沙”綜合分析案例」讓她進一步探討音樂理論的認識論面向,以及其他領域,如觀念藝術、聲音藝術、社會學的影響,如何表現在當代音樂的創作發展上。在音樂教學上,慕萱曾在布蘭戴斯大學及加州州立大學長灘分校(CSULB)授課,目前是查普曼大學(Chapman University)的音樂講師。

(Update : August 2017)

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