about this website

    There ain’t no New Age-y music here!  Ignore the pale grey banner in 10.5 small font quoting the infamous Milan Kundera title.

Henceforth, you are invited to free-range within my quaint house of a blog.  Remember, put on your new lens of curiosity, carry with you the mad-artist’s wanderlust, and leave behind the least pardonable intellectual sloppiness and academic pretentiousness.

On this blog, you will find my composer’s biography (under BIO), a list of my recent music compositions with several live recordings (under MUSIC), a calendar of upcoming performances and other musical events of mine (under CALENDAR), and my writings/speech notes regarding the subjects of music (under WRITING).

But, if you linger just a bit longer under WRITING, you will encounter my other writings ranging from fiction to poetry to reflections and critiques on culture, arts, aesthetics, travel, and some other unspeakable bits and pieces – like what you can find in the old drawers of our dear Bruno Schulz, and in the depth of that birdnest of Marie Antoinette’s powdered hair.

Or, maybe you are the courteous type who stays in the foyer upon arrival and firstly takes a look around to show guest-ly admiration; if so, you are already venturing into the realm of my journey of thoughts, detailed reports, and daily whims concerning any-thing and every-thing from my composing process, musical inspiration, Nomadic life (both physical and mental), and some other nonsense (under HOME); and believe me, this more journalistic, rhapsodic outcome of mine can serve to entertain and amuse you in the best sense.

If you appreciate the pictures (oh yes, pictures!) attached to my blog posts at HOME, you may want to explore further into the GALLERY: there, you can find more pictures taken from the musical/artistic events I was involved in and from my travels – anything that I consider interesting or meaningful.

Before you leave, you are welcome to stop by the page CONTACT, LINKS where you can take the transit to other websites and blogs belong to my composer-, musician-, artist-, writer-, dancer-, scientist- friends and mentors.

If you enjoy, or look forward to enjoy, my blog, please remember to also be VERY patient with me as a blogger.  The blog is rather new (built at the end of 2011), and since I am presently a full-time composer and a PhD candidate, I am currently not able to update or organize materials for posting with the swiftest speed and in the highest frequency.

Bear with me — I have much to say and plenty to share, and I thank you from my humble heart for visiting Mu-Xuan Lin, composer’s website.  It is my honor to have you at my place!

(Mu-Xuan Lin, 9 January 2012)

Special thank-you to my father JC Lin, Dominique Schafer (http://www.dominiqueschafer.com/), and Kim of Flotsam Tide Jewelry (http://flotsamtide.blogspot.com/) who encouraged and persuaded me to create this blog, and to write, write, write – write music and write words.

4 Responses to about this website

  1. Bpb says:

    Wow, you are a girl who loves to WRITE…just like you said! Just saying hi and nice to see you last night. Now, back to exploring your website….

    • Mu-Xuan Lin says:

      Thanks, Bpb! Don’t forget to check out the music as well! 😉 You’re right – I do love writing music and writing words. Funny that for me the trinity of creative activities – drawing/painting, writing, composing – stands on a triangle of three mental conditions: drawing/painting is to obsess, composing to escape, and writing to fart.
      (did I just write something worth blogging?…)

      ps. Yes, it was great to see you on Sunday’s concert. 😉

  2. gav says:

    intriguing.. my curiosity found you.. I wrap myself in music, movies and my passionate career of architecture… I shall keep an an eye out..

    • Mu-Xuan Lin says:

      Thank you! If you like you can “Follow” the site so you will be notified when there’s an update on the Home page.
      Architecture has interested me since I was younger, although I know nothing about it (but I did take a class on modern architecture in college). Please keep up your good work!

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