Double Jeopardy (2013) for 8 instruments

“… Double Jeopardy, eine klangsinnliche Musik die sich wie ein elastisches Gummiband dehnt und spannt in alle Richtungen. …”
( “… Double Jeopardy, a sonically sensuous music that expands and stretches in all directions like an elastic rubber band. …” )
                                                                             ~ Cécile Olshausen, SRF kultur 2 host

Certain deed, once done can never be done, at least not in the same way. That is the law of music. Walking the way of music one is both at the moment and through time; objects present themselves blunt and front, shaking off droplets when one is just making out the shape of them, and flee away with too much said and unsaid, leaving one at the mercy of recognition and recollection. Each object once appeared can never appear, and each presence is the compromise of its own possible double. Even déjà-vu entails the existence of a set of Anothers – another time, another presence, another experience. Therefore it is allowed for every musical gesture to exert its transgression over and over in repetition, in disguise, in reverse, in distortion, in magnitude; and it is therefore just for every counter-gesture to respond over and over in subversion, in annihilation, in coercion, in assimilation, in mergence. Hence the double jeopardy in multitude.
~ Mu-Xuan Lin, 2014

Double Jeopardy (2013) dress rehearsal with Ensemble Proton. Richard Haynes (clarinet), me, and Martin Bliggenstorfer (lupophon).

Credits : Christian Henkings/photography; Ensemble Proton Bern/video

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