Melancholia (2011-12) and La passion d’une belle journée selon une toillette autonettoyante (2012) videos, and aer- (2011) and Phantom Museum (2011) released by ein_klang record


Please check out the videos and audio recordings of some of my recent compositions.

Melancholia (2011-12) for percussion quartet was premiered by Talujon Percussion Group conducted by Dominic Donato as part of their residency performance at the Brandeis University on March 17th, 2012.  You may click the link underneath to watch the video recording of the live performance.  For listening to the music with a better acoustic, you may go to the Music page and find the “audio only” recording.   To read more about the creation of Melancholia (2011-12) please click here.

Melancholia (2011-12) for percussion quartet (Michael Lipsey, Tom Kolor, Matthew Ward, Matthew Gold, percussions; Mu-Xuan Lin, melodion; Dominic Donato, conductor)  premiere: March 17th, 2012.  Slosberg Hall of Brandeis University, Waltham MA, USA


For the 2012 Bernstein Festival for the Creative Arts at Brandeis University and also for the 50/50 Rose Art Museum/BEAMS (Brandeis Electro-acoustic Music Studio) Celebration Concert, I composed a three-minute short capriccia for tape featuring a fragmented clip from a film shot at the corner of 18, rue de l’Hôtel de Ville in Paris.  The project La passion d’une belle journée selon une toillette autonettoyante (2012) is one of my whimsical wrong-doing’s of juicing up things unparalleled and cliched and creating an acoustic and visual misfit that craves to be described as “oddly beautiful” — in this case a minimalistic, low-actioned video documentation of a street corner personified by a somewhat melodramatic music.  (You know, one of those moments during your pre-adulthood when you cut out a pair of blue jeans and wear only the bottom leg-cuff parts as socks, chewing a gum that doesn’t make any bubble.)


Also, the properly mastered recording of my flute, bassoon, viola trio aer- (2011) is finally released on a CD under ein_klang label.  On the CD you can find aer- (2011) on track 6 labeled as “Trio”, and also on track 12 you will find another one of my multi-media pieces Phantom Museum (2011) labeled as “Tentative”.  These recordings are taken from the live performances at the 2011 KoFoMi final concert in Mittersill, Austria.  On this concert Phantom Museum (2011) was performed as a version for cello, turntables, and live electronics with the tape and the video, featuring cellist and composer Michael Moser and turntable composer and performer Wolfgang Fuchs.



You can find these recordings under the page Music.

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