aer- (2011) to be Performed at the 180º Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria

180 Festival 2015 Poster

To the Balkans!

My trio piece aer- (2011) for flute, viola, and bassoon will be featured as part of “Checkmate” concert at the 180º Festival in Sofia, Bulgaria on August 12th, 2015, performed by Delphine Roche, Ashleigh Gordon, and Alexandar Hadjiev (former Ensemble Modern Academy fellows).  Please check out 180º Festival‘s website — it is a roster of exciting artists including composers, musicians, dancers, theatre artists, visual artists (Polish poster art!), improvisers, and many others.  There is also a small feature of my “profile” among those of other fellow artists.

“Checkmate” — a game between contemporary music and ancient music
(featuring music by Niklas Seidle, Benoit Moreau, Paul Frick, Mu-Xuan Lin, and Michael Gordon alongside works by Biber, Pandolfi, Bach, and Telemann)
Wednesday, August 12th, 2015      Fabrica 126, Sofia, Bulgaria

If you are in the area, I highly recommend this event (and the entire festival) for you to check out!  It is a highly integrated, carefully curated event which attempted a contextualized realization of various expressive art forms and periodic genres.  Albeit new (this is only the second year since its inauguration), 180º Festival promises great possibilities for the future of music festivals.

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Mu-Xuan is to Be Part of the Novalis music+art Festival 2015, Croatia, August 23rd – 26th

Novalis15 Poster

Along with four other composers of the next generation, Mu-Xuan is invited to be part of the Novalis music+art Festival taking place in the beautiful coastal town of Novalja on Pag Island, Croatia, August 2015.  Her composition Searching for the Searchers (Los Rastreadores 1) (2015) is a cognitive critique of an excerpt of video artist Claudia Joskowicz’s 2014 work Los Rastreadores, and will be premiered at Novalis by French ensemble Secession Orchestra with projection of the video excerpt.  In addition, Mu-Xuan will be joined by other guest artists and performers to present round table discussions and workshops to the local community.

The creation of Mu-Xuan Lin’s Searching for the Searchers (Los Rastreadores 1) (2015) is made possible in part with funds from FACE Croatia.

FACE Croatia logo

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Double Jeopardy (2013) for 8 instruments

“… Double Jeopardy, eine klangsinnliche Musik die sich wie ein elastisches Gummiband dehnt und spannt in alle Richtungen. …”
( “… Double Jeopardy, a sonically sensuous music that expands and stretches in all directions like an elastic rubber band. …” )
                                                                             ~ Cécile Olshausen, SRF kultur 2 host

Certain deed, once done can never be done, at least not in the same way. That is the law of music. Walking the way of music one is both at the moment and through time; objects present themselves blunt and front, shaking off droplets when one is just making out the shape of them, and flee away with too much said and unsaid, leaving one at the mercy of recognition and recollection. Each object once appeared can never appear, and each presence is the compromise of its own possible double. Even déjà-vu entails the existence of a set of Anothers – another time, another presence, another experience. Therefore it is allowed for every musical gesture to exert its transgression over and over in repetition, in disguise, in reverse, in distortion, in magnitude; and it is therefore just for every counter-gesture to respond over and over in subversion, in annihilation, in coercion, in assimilation, in mergence. Hence the double jeopardy in multitude.
~ Mu-Xuan Lin, 2014

Double Jeopardy (2013) dress rehearsal with Ensemble Proton. Richard Haynes (clarinet), me, and Martin Bliggenstorfer (lupophon).

Credits : Christian Henkings/photography; Ensemble Proton Bern/video

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SRF Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen logo

FINALLY!!!  Double Jeopardy (2013) for flute, clarinet, lupophon, kontraforte, violin, violoncello, harp, and piano, performed by the Ensemble Proton Bern, is to be broadcast alongside works by other Protonwerk No.3 composers on SRF 2 kultur TODAY.

Please visit SRF website for the stream :

Wednesday July 9th, 2014
CEST (Central European Summer Time) – 22H35
EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) – 4:35 PM   (New York, Boston)
PDT (Pacific Daylight Time) – 1:35 PM    (Los Angeles, San Francisco)
CST (China Standard Time) – 4:35 AM    (Taipei)

Neue Musik im Konzert – Protonwerk No.3
Aram Hovhannisyan
Yasutaki Inamori
Nicolas von Ritter
Jesse Broekman
Mu-Xuan Lin

Ensemble Proton Bern –
Bettina Berger (flute), Martin Bliggenstorfer (lupophon), Richard Haynes (clarinet), Lucas A. Rössner (kontraforte), Maximilian Haft  (violin), Jan-Filip Tupa (violoncello), Samuel Fried (piano), Vera Schnider (harp), Matthias Kuhn (conductor)


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Mu-Xuan Lin Awarded a New Music USA Grant, July 2nd, 2014


I am pleased to announce that, among the 57 awardees out of a pool of 1,174 candidates/proposed projects, I was chosen for my earlier collaboration with the Ensemble Proton Bern to receive a new New Music USA grant!

You can now follow my project page for updates on the follow-up and unfolding of this collaboration HERE.

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POSTED : my lecture given in May at la Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, France


Please check out the WRITING page for the lecture I wrote and delivered on May 22nd, 2014 (last month) at la Cité Internationale des Arts in Paris, France before I concluded my four-month residency there — Composition, My Relationship with Composition, and the Development of My Recent (2010-14) Compositions.

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Metamorphosis Part I (2013; rev. 2014) performed by Norrbotten NEO at June in Buffalo Festival 2014, AND Peinture Nº1 (2013-14) premiered by Transient Canvas

Having returned to Los Angeles from Paris few days back, I am now again packing for my next aventure!  First I will participate in the week-long June in Buffalo Festival 2014 in Buffalo, New York, during which my quintet piece Metamorphosis Part I (2013; revised 2014) will be performed by the Swedish ensemble Norrbotten NEO on Thursday, June 5th in an afternoon concert alongside five other pieces by my fellow young composers at the festival.  Please check out June in Buffalo’s (“JIF”as we nicknamed it) website for concert schedule:

Immediately after I will travel back to my old turf Boston and attend the premiere of my duet piece for clarinet/bass clarinet and five-octave marimba, Peinture Nº1 (2013-14), commissioned and performed by the power duo Transient Canvas (Amy Advocat, clarinets; Matt Sharrock, marimba) on Monday, June 9th at the Davis Square Theatre.

Please join me at these events if you are within the vicinities!


Thursday, June 5th 2014, 16H00 (4PM)
Baird Recital Hall (Baird 250), University at Buffalo, Buffalo NY
Norrbotten NEO (Sweden)
performance of Metamorphosis Part I (2013; rev. 2014) for quintet
(Alongside works by Luciano Barbosa, Noah Meites, Scott Ordway, Dimitar Pentchev, Haralabos Stafylakis)
Admission Free of Charge

Monday, June 9th 2014, 20H00 (8PM)
Davis Square Theatre (255 Elms Street, Somerville MA)
Present Tense – Transient Canvas
premiere of Peinture Nº1 (2013-14) for clarinets and marimba
(alongside works by James Borchers, Philippe Manoury, Aaron Jay Myers, Rudolf Rojahn)
General Admission $10 USD at the door


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